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This Weeks Info! October 28, 2015  /  Pastor Eddie Poole

Get Ready To Laugh This Week at Church

This week at MJLifeChurch, Michael Jr. will be doing the message from Life.Church!  The Life.Church peeps tell us that we'll laugh alot and be challenged too.  I hadn't heard of Michael Jr. so I looked him up in Youtube.  Here's a link in case you want to check out a quick clip:   

Upcoming Things To Know About

  • Sunday at 6:00 p.m., November 15:  Neil Sharpe, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor, "Growing Together As A Couple"
  • Sunday, November 22:  Thanksgiving Meal after Church (Potluck style)
  • Friday, December 11:  Switch Manhunt
  • Wednesday, December 16:  MJLife sings carols at MJ Health Care nursing home
  • Sunday, December 20:  LifeChurch Family Christmas
  • December 24:  Christmas Eve Worship Service

New and EASY Way To Give to MJLife!
MJLife now has the ability for us to give via texting.  This safe and secure option was also given to us through our relationship with Life.Church.  

If you want to try it out, simply text (629) 777-4561 and specify the amount you want to give.  (I tested it with a $5 donation.)  It will then send you a link to fill out, including your name and card number, and you'll only have to do that part one time.  

After giving the initial giving information, all you have to do is to text the amount that you want to give MJLife to the phone number and that's it.  It's that easy!