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We are blessed with a great group of talented musicians and our band totally ROCKS!  


Normally, we'll start each Sunday morning with a song from Top 40 radio.  Since many people that come to MJLifeChurch haven't been going to church for a while, they may not know all of the recent praise and worship songs of today.  We want them to recognize one song that we do, so don't be surprised to hear a Foo Fighters or even a Michael Jackson cover.

After the experience opener song, Andrew Littleton, our worship pastor will lead us in a time of inspiring worship.  We encourage you to seek God and join in the singing during this time.  

If singing isn't your thing, that's ok.  We won't put you on the spot.  We get that you may want to just come and check things out at first.  Either way, we believe that you'll enjoy the music at MJLife.